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The KNK law firm offers the best solution for each customer.

The ability to develop world-changing technology of an innovative business model is never dependent on the size of capital or the number of staff.

OpSys, the Nasdaq listed company based in Israel, began as a new startup consisting of less than ten employees. Just two years ago, Korea’s representative maker of automobile components within the H group, which we will simply name M here, had made the decision to withhold investment in OpSys after considering its LiDar, the sensor that enables self-driving cars; M's evaluation was that there was nothing noteworthy. Now , however, the LiDar technology perfected by OpSys is ahead of that of M, with all its ten thousand employees. The H group would probably like to take over the technology and share in OpSys, which in all likelihood is not interested. We are seeing a reversed relationship here.

An organization depending on its size in competing, asking its employees to conveniently act as mere cogwheels, one can expect only the blandest outputs. Startups, on the other hand, can think without restrictions, depending on the talent and individuality of its members, and is able to return to the starting point at all times; this can lead to unexpected results, and it is where the strength of a startup lies.

For a startup to make full use of its strengths, however, it needs to address, and be prepared for legal issues that may ensue; when they do they will come unexpected, much like mines going off under your feet. At times the foundational idea of a business may be a breach of law, with budgets and energy wasted on it, unawares. Even after a state of stability has been reached, there are plenty of issues of labor, taxation and commerce to vex the business leader.

We at KNK promise you a lucid solution to all these complications at reasonable expense. Our client is not just a paying customer; every single client offers us a frontline perspective on social changes. We consider all our clients as our partners in our discovery of new opportunities. By listening and adhering to them closely, we will be able to suggest the optimal solution for every one of our clients.

You too may make history; we at KNK will be with you every step of the way.








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