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K&K was able to build a cumulative winning case by putting people first.

People much experienced in business (and therefore used to legal issues) tend to avoid costly legal counsel. Corporate executives, on the other hand, seek to resolve legal disputes by engaging large law firms; the bills are paid by the corporate, and there will likely be reliabilities at every failure to win a lawsuit.

When seeking legal counsel, it is easy to feel the need for a senior attorney with so- called privileges of a former post as judge or prosecutor. This is especially the case for someone entirely unfamiliar with legal disputes; panic can lead you to look for good connections, rather than other merits a legal representative may have claims to.

The judiciary sector is far from trustworthy in the eyes of the public; as a member of the legal profession, one feels deep regret. But we would like to stress that this perception does not reflect the realities of the legal circles.

You may remember the instance of a former chief judge and attorney being held responsible for having lost a case in court; this was the same person involved in triggering the presidential impeachment, and his legal fees had been shockingly high. In all eyes his connections to the judiciary seemed to promise triumph, but the result was a contention between this attorney and his client. Contrary to many people’s concern, the courts make decisions on acute legal principles and

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proficiency; background, authority and connections are not decisive factors. Our courts are not alienated from the overall elevation of the public’s awareness. It is because of this reality, that those who are used to legal disputes tend to look for talent and passion in their legal counsel, as it is often said.

A legal representative must be able to quickly grasp the facts favorable to his or her client, find accurate rules of law and lead the courts to conclude exactly in the way desired. To do this, a legal representative must be professional and knowledgeable regarding the case. Careers distant from similar cases will be likely to impede understanding. Other necessities include passion and dedication to the case, so that it is treated as a priority. Large law firms tend to be unable to dedicate to less profitable cases.

KNK, though not a massive organization, has been able to defend in a way that respects the personality of the client. We are never discriminatory or calculating; our attitude has helped us in various cases that we have been fortunate enough to win.

Do not hesitate to visit us with your burdens. We will be pleased to come up with a clear and speedy solution.








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